BoMB – Band of Maniacal Brothers

The Annual Winter Fragfest went off in full swing this year, without rampant patching issues or internet problems! The StarCraft and Counter-Strike events played like a ladder, with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams for StarCraft, and winning and losing teams in Counter-Strike.

Pictures of the Annual Winter Fragfest (sponsored by Yaeger Dental SupplyBawls Energy Drinks and Arctic Cooling) are available in the forums!

December 3, 2007

3rd Annual BoMB LAN Party!

  • December 21, 3:30pm – December 22, 10:00am
  • 517 Marine View #J, Belmont, CA 94002
  • To register, e-mail Tim Yaeger, Jr. @

Charlie has begun work on a new flash movie called Unhackable! The flash movie will be completed through the new website Strayform, and will allow people to correspond directly with Charlie as he creates the movie, pledging money to accomplish things such as: having their Myspace name mentioned in the video, being mentioned in the credits as an “executive producer,” etc.

The song ‘Unhackable’ is a Bob Ricci ( spoof of the Christina Aguilera song ‘Beautiful,’ and is about having the unhackable computer, and about being better than all the n00bs around you with spyware on their computers! So if you either love or hate Christina or Bob Ricci, you’ll probably love this video.

Charlie now works for a company called Meridian Web Design, as does his beautiful wife, Black Sniper. This is a small website design company located in San Ramon, CA. San Ramon is also the home of a pretty deece skate park, I am hearing over the news. Well that is, the news of my brain.

The Divisions Page (and correspondingly, all member images) have been updated to include Halo 3 instead of Halo 2, and StarCraft 2 instead of StarCraft.

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