BoMB & Friends Spring LAN 2018

BoMB & Friends Spring LAN 2018

April 27-28 – Belmont, CA

BoMB & Friends Spring LAN 2018 Poster
BoMB & Friends Spring LAN 2018 Poster

Hello, hello, hello!

Truly, it’s been a time and a half since the Band of Maniacal Brothers have deigned to host one of their famous and usually altogether far too chaotic parties… but finally, the wait is over! We are having a LAN party in 2018!

Times have changed, and so have the Brothers. They are now, to a man, older and fatter, and many are married with children! Gone are the bright and shining teenage faces! Gone are the acne rashes and cracking voices! Now we take naps between games, and walk with canes! Now we drink coffee and beer instead of Red Bull and warm milk, and eat proper steak and hors d’oeuvres, instead of nothing but Oreos for days on end!

And like us, the games have changed as well!

Gone is the Counter-Strike 1.6 or (eek) CS: Source of old! Gone is the Half-Life Deathmatch (though we may still find some time to “ABANDON BASE!!!” and “WHEEeEeEeEeEEE!!!” between some of the other games)! Gone are Battlefield 1942 and Unreal Tournament and Halo PC and StarCraft: Brood War! Now we play Rocket League and Legacy of the Void and Global Offensive!

Brothers, start your computers! … n00bs, prepare your behinds!


The games we will play (and count scores for) are:
Games we may play (but scores won’t count):

Now, time to register!

Participant Information

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Spring LAN 2018 Registration

Wait! Before you check out…

Wanna also get an event T-shirt? (Select size)*

(While supplies last. If no more shirts are available by the time you get to the event, you will receive an immediate cash refund along with our sincere apologies)

w00t! You’re coming to Spring LAN 2018!

So, what now?

Before you go to any LAN party, it is a great idea to go through this checklist and make sure that you are prepared for the upcoming event:

  1. Make sure your computer works. Do not come to a LAN party expecting free computer work. We will set you up on the network and provide any necessary software, but we will not fix your broken computer. Get that taken care of beforehand.
  2. Check that your video and network drivers work OK. Optimize your computer before coming.
  3. Bring your own Ethernet cable (preferably Cat-5e or Cat-6, at least 10 feet in length)
  4. These days, affordable gaming PCs have made it easier to bring something competent enough to play games on, but there are still underwhelming pre-built systems that will not do well. Ensure you have a graphics card purchased within the last few years, plenty of RAM (on average, 4 to 8 GB should be enough for the games we are playing), and we recommend Windows 7 at the least.
  5. Bring only what you need. Does that Dolby 5.1 speaker system sound nice? I’ll bet that 55-inch HDTV looks great. However, you don’t need it for a LAN party… expensive items like those are just more to lug around, and a higher risk factor if you drop them. Bring a modest monitor if possible.
  6. Anywhere from one to three hours at any given LAN party is wasted because people are busy loading games. Help reduce the amount of wasted time by loading games we play beforehand–at a bare minimum you should already have the four games that are in every poster image and each page of this registration process: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, GoldenEye: Source, Rocket League, and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.
  7. Get plenty of sleep the night before. This goes without saying. Unless specified otherwise, LAN parties are all-night events. It’s no fun if you pack up your computer and bring it only to sleep half of the time. Feel free to bring any energy drinks you want!

Equipment Checklist

  • Monitor
  • Monitor cable and monitor power cord
  • Computer
  • Computer power cord
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Mouse pad
  • Headphones
  • Network patch cable at least 15 feet in length
  • A signed printout of the BoMB LAN Waiver

Alright, I didn’t pay attention before — where am I headed?

Drive your happy self on down to 517 Marine View Suite J, Belmont, CA — here’s a Google map (click it for the full thing!)

Google Map of BoMB & Friends Spring LAN 2018 at 517 Marine View, Suite J, Belmont, CA

Just show up any time after 6:00 p.m., and before 7:00 p.m., to set up your computer and get all ready for the festivities to begin!

And remember, bring a good attitude and a competitive spirit!

(This information has also been emailed to you, but please take a moment to add the event to your calendar as well!)

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04/27/2018 06:00 PM
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BoMB & Friends Spring LAN 2018
The long-awaited next BoMB LAN party!
517 Marine View, Suite J, Belmont, CA

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